Launch - "Finding My Way Out of the Darkness"

Hear from some of our readers.

"Finding My Way Out of The Darkness’ might push the limits of your ‘comfort zone’ at the outset but as you get into this challenging but riveting story you understand why Paul needed to reveal, in shocking detail, the unspeakable, mindless violence he and his family, particularly his mother, endured for so long, at the hands of their alcoholic father. It was a necessary pre-cursor to unveil the inspired life Paul went on to lead. This is a book that demonstrates how, with unswerving commitment and a dedication to be the best person you can, you can live a life with purpose. It‘s a story of redemption, resilience and inspiration. It is also a story that will resonate with everyone who has ever endured the distress and scarring caused by domestic violence as well as anyone who appreciates and admires those who find strength through adversity. ‘If you read one book this year, it should be this one. Congratulations Paul. This is a story that had to be told."
Ross Addison - Biographer

"I could not put this book down. Paul is such a credit to his family and I simply can't believe he survived with such a positive outlook on life."
Melissa Doyle - 6PR Listener

"Now I have read Paul's story, another piece of the puzzle fits into place. These pages perfectly reflect why he has spent most of his life protecting kids. "Remarkable" does not do this man justice."
Andrew Dunne - School Teacher

"Paul's story is one which sadly affected so many kids from the 60's and 70's, including myself. Though I was in tears throughout the first few chapters, his words of hope and healing gave me an overwhelming feeling of love and hope. Well done great man!"
Richard Taylor

"People need to hear your story Paul. Though these pages are at times difficult to get through, I was left in awe at how you managed to get over the hurdles you faced. Your journey can help others and I hope you can share your messages with thousands."
Donna - Mother of five